Wireless Network Services

for Business

Introducing Blue Wireless, a new generation Wireless Network Service Provider for global enterprises. We enable flexible wireless network access for branches, remote sites, maritime and IoT implementations using the latest LTE/5G technology across 80+ countries across the world.

We offer a unique combination of Cradlepoint SD-WAN Equipment, Mobile Dataplans, Local Field Services, and 24/7 Management to enable reliable, cost-effective network connectivity for our customers. Our network solutions support a wide range of industries and use cases backed by professional service levels to enable your business around the clock.  

Our Most Popular Wireless Network Solutions

LTE/5G powered Network Solutions are being used by increasing number of businesses, offering a flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional wired- and satellite communication.


Our most popular use cases include: 

Flexible Branch Connectivity & Backup

For Branch Offices, Retail Outlets

Pop-Up Stores and Events

Key Advantages

Flexible Deployment, Fast Delivery

Lower Cost, Less Intrusive

Remote Branch Connectivity

For Construction Sites, Engineering Projects, Mining Locations, Wind/Solar farms, Temporary Locations

Key Advantages

More Reliable, Fast Deployment

Lower Cost then fibre or satellite

Maritime Connectivity

Crew WIFI, Passenger WIFI
Maritime IOT, Corporate Network

Key Advantages

Lower Cost & Higher Speeds then satellite
Fast & Easy Deploymen

IOT Connectivity

Kiosks, Vending Machines
CCTV, Robotics

Key Advantages

More Reliable (not just SIM)
Multi Network, Security


Industries & Customers Served

Our wireless products, services and solutions are used across a variety of different industries and sectors.

Key customers include:


How can we support your business?

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